Why do people hate Nickelback?


"To the people who responded that any amature can play Nickelback songs: please tell me what famous person you are if you are one of these people that can any of these songs. If its so easy, why isn't everyone as famous as Nickelback?" BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO SELL YOURSELF!! THERE ARE A HUNDREDS OF TRULY GREAT MUSICIANS...out there and they will never become famous because they don't have the right connect. there could be a new jimi hendrix and we'll never ever know

because all of their songs sound the same and the guys voice is annoying and too raspy and avril lavigne


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Poeple hate Nickelback because it’s mainstream. Because they’re too shallow minded to actually give them a chance. I bet the majority of the people who claim to ‘hate’ Nickelback have only ever listened to about 2 songs, 3 max. If they’ve actually given them a chance, and just genuinely dislike them, then fair enough. Everyone’s different. 

But it’s easier to follow the crowd than it is to lead it.

Nickelback are amawzing:) 

God knows. Went to their concert in auckland and holy fajita, siiick bass. Chad's voice asdfghjkl;

This is a really great Tumblr. Even though I hate them, you start communication and that's never bad. Thanks! To answer the question honestly, they're not artists IMO. They express what they think people want to hear, not what they want people to feel. They evoke nothing in me. But that's just me. I'm not talking shit though, they're living the dream. Kudos for them! Footnote: notice how the MAJORITY of fans "ask" anonymously, while those that hate, don't? That speaks volumes.


There's just something that seems empty about their music. The lyrics are mawkish and the riffs are boring. If people didn't hate them then the people who inexplicably love them wouldn't be balanced out and that would just be strange.




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I don’t hate Nickelback. I don’t even listen to them. I assume you found my blog through a post I made insulting them. I just screencapped something I found incredibly funny. I’ve screencapped jokes about The Doors before and I love that band. I don’t really care for Nickelback.

"the dude needs some soothers for christ sake" THAT is what makes his voice so amazing and so powerful. It's what gets to the fans core and shakes them up and makes you feel alive.


Who ever said that we needed to listen to music like you guys such as pierce the Vail need to smd. I cannot stand music like that and I think people that like that music are all posers yet I don't go around saying that because I respect others choice

In music and I expect the same respect back. If i think nickelback is a good band then you should get over it. its not you choice what I listen to. Basically all of you need to grow up and stop judging other people's music. Like fuuuuuck smd!!!

Because it's cool to do it. Most people are completely indifferent about Nickelback, but they jump on the bandwagon.


because of the lead singers crazy ass wife Sheryl


If Nicklback is so bad, then how come they have outsold every band that is not from the U.S. except the Beatles?


There are some real reasons to dislike Nickelback: some songs sound the same, you dislike Kroeger's voice, etc., but that's not why people HATE Nickelback. They hate Nickelback because enough people disliked them that no one will risk being made fun of by saying they like them. Most people don't even have a reason to hate at this point, it's just uncool NOT to hate them, so they hate them. It's the same with racism or homophobia, hating a band isn't nearly as bad but it's the same psychology.